working the light

asha sultana
3 min readOct 9, 2020

so you’ve had mushrooms ceremonies? good!
so you’ve done Aya? good!
so you’ve recruited a shaman? good!
so you had a cup of tea with Jesus while in ceremony? good!
so you had your ego dissolve and came back better than ever? good!

we micro-dose
we meditate
we do breath work
we eat consciously we do everything to ensure our energy is light, effervescent and free

now…here is the real work
find the darkest & saddest person you know
find the person that has taken TOO long to heal
find the person that TRIGGERS you
find the person that just WON’T get over it already
find them

reach out your enlightened hand
invite them over for tea
invite them for tea so YOU can LISTEN
so YOU can hold space as so many have done for YOU (for us)

find them
invite them
be WITH them

because those of us that have practiced these spiritual techniques have a responsibility

we have a responsibility to pass it on
we have a responsibility to live out what we learned
we have a responsibility to love those that are ‘unlovable’

the same way Mother Ayahuasca has loved us
the same way the Mushies love us
the same way our Shamans have supported us

these learnings are not for us alone
this flame is not just for one candle
pass it on

go into the dark and face it
reach out for their hand and hold it
we didn’t do all of these ceremonies to simply feed our ego

we did all of this because we were called as light WORKERS

i challenge you today, tomorrow and every day afterward
to go BACK into the dark
and SIT there WITH them

until it is appropriate and kind to turn the light on, even just a little
just enough to see that hand hidden away in the corner; quiet, frightened and hopeless

when THEY are ready
walk WITH them into the light that you are so familiar with

THIS is the work we have been training for

light without darkness is just blindness

there is a tsunami of broken hearts and mental illness coming our way as a global society, supporting others is not optional

practice is over
the time is now to implement
to pass on the blessings we have received
to share some of our resilience
to give what we have received time and time again

in the name of clarification: this is NOT about dragging people along into our world. plants medicines are NOT for everyone and not even for most

this is about recognising that many are in a dark night of the soul or going into one in the near future

the invitation is to use what we have learned in ceremony to untangle our aversion of the dark and anything that might block our compassion, understanding and empathy towards others

we are invited to pass on our humanity BECAUSE we of what we have learned in ceremony, not preaching the virtues of ceremony or dogma of any kind.

there is no hierarchy but humility; understanding and remembering when we were in that same position

an outstretched hand, a LISTENING ear, friendship and humanity

nothing more



asha sultana

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